The fact of living for more than 30 years in France,  with experience in many different environments and situations, privately as well as professionally, alongside several training courses (bilingual secretary) and studies (DEUG philosophy), and finally translation itself, have given me in-depth knowledge and understanding of the French language, making it a second mother tongue. 

Similarly, I have kept close ties with The Netherlands and Dutch language, which has enabled me to follow the developments of my native language at close range.

Regular stays in English speaking countries have developed and deepened my English language skills. In addition to this, frequent contact with colleagues and the use of English with my English-speaking partner, give me daily practice.

In 1990 I began translating on a part time basis, in the scope of different jobs. Since 2002 I’ve been working full time as a freelance translator.

For many years I only translated into Dutch, but given my knowledge of French on one hand, and a growing demand on the other, I now translate into French as well. These translations are always proofread by a highly skilled native speaker of French.


Between end of 2007 and now (September 2011) I have subtitled 500+ films, documentaries and programmes.

At the end of 2008, I obtained a screenwriting diploma (in French). In the near future, I’ll further develop this activity.

Photos: Jorinde Brokke.

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